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I was laughing during this part of the presentation. Why not just friggin announce a browser? Like someone stated, PS3 already has ALL of those features and FULL features since PS3 Launched. Im pretty sure, myspace, youtube, facebook, twitter are all linked right from the home page. If you havent been on in a while (like me) the browser if friggin fast now lol.

As for Netflix ill pass. Dont you have to pay to use netflix streaming and all that? I rather just jump into the store (like now) say hey there is osmething i want lets watch it. Let alone Sony gets Sony movies exclusive, they dont offer them on netflix. If its like Blockbuster where its brought to us by Blockbuster, but thats just so we have a bigger selection (no subscription fee) then im all in. As of now though how could you not be happy with the selection we have? Sony is a movie studio after all.

Also like Nikhil said, Ninjavideo and all those sites like that work with PS3. I do this alot. Go to a site that has streaming movies and shows etc, then just push play. PS3 renders them extremely fast. Ive watched so many full length movies like that and tv shows.
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