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Not only has Activision lost their minds firing two of the guys that helped turn out a game that has made them a ton of cash, they have now announced that Treyarch will be releasing a new Call of Duty this fall, then in 2011 another sequel in the series will be out by a currently unannounced developer and also another Call of Duty-based title from developer Sledgehammer Games. That title will "extend the franchise into the action-adventure genre."

Apparently Activision didn't learn from the decline of Guitar Hero/music games in general, if you constantly pump out game after game, people give up and move on, MW2 already p***ed off enough people and now you want to pull this s***.

Well that and apparently good old Activision while riding high on cash right now does have a small problem, 68% of the revenue they earned in 2009 came from just 3 franchises, Call of Duty, Guitar Hero and World of Warcraft. Even better is apparently 98% of Blizzard's revenue comes from WoW subscriptions. Imagine if Guitar Hero after being ruined fails to sell any more, WoW took a nosedive on subscriptions and Call of Duty sold poorly due to the ridiculous schedule ahead. It wouldn't ruin them but it would get the shareholders angry and maybe Kotick replaced.
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