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With Redbox there is absolutely no reason for rentals to be above 1 dollar. You get them for a day anyways....You pay 5 dollars at blockbuster for 7 days, you pay 5 dollars on PS3 to watch it 3 times within 24 hours...I completely agree, 99 cents for non HD and 1.99 for HD. Id be renting more for sure. Otherwise ill stick with Blockbuster and Redbox.

Thats kinda off topic. HOMe is growing, and its getting better. There are alot of users finally jumping in to use it thanks to the new places. Developers are jumping on board and paying Sony to make locations. I think its really the first step into things like Free Realms making their way to PS3. Why i say this is because HOME is keeping PSN FREE, the sub chargers, people paying for stupid little things, all of it is making Sony just as much (and has potential to blow away) as the amount of MS getting for Live, except its rewarding for both the consumer and Sony.

To me Xbox announcing a Twitter and Facebook thing is just their way of saying "we have features like PS3 making it more than a console!" right now. I think in the feature consoles will for sure focus more on social networking, but Sony is way further in that route than MS right now. I must say i appreciate Sony's attempt alot more (no not because this is a PS3 fan site) but think about it. They are revolving the social networking features around games. You click twitter, the playstation twitter is the first link, you go in home and its fully functional thanks to game developers, its not like that on Xbox.

I get a PlayStation to play games, everything else is a bonus. Since Sony is taking the route of making games accesible in a social network world thats where ill go. Xbox is potentially bypassing it all together, so they better be careful.
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