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Its a "new interface" for facebook and twitter. Basically its intregrated into live so you login to both Live and whatever, then you can sit there and watch updates. Possibly update yourself with a controller keyboard, I don't think 360 has mouse and keyboard support like PS3?

Plus you can do that with PS3 too, the only problem is devs are once again not using the feature. PS3 allows you to take pictures and even videos and save them to the hard drive, you could even go to Youtube and upload your videos. There are games that allow this but i forgot which ones. MGS4 allows pictures, and then the internet browser allows you to upload those to some websites.

I also like what Glen said because its true, and basically what i said earlier too haha. The xbox intregration in no way supports developers. The thing i dont get about "exclusives" when MS pays off somebody, is Sony has been paying devs for a while now. Sony created HOME to be developer advertisment run, and they continue to build features specificly for developers to get their games out there. That alone is worth millions to me, yet MS has NONE of this support and can get away with handing a check under that table to secure Metal Gear Ultimate Ninja Action (but we will call it Solid) game.
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