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Honestly, I'm hard pressed to think the 360 is "killing" the PS3 in every category, is a fair statement. Yes, at the moment there are more games available for the 360, and Live is certainly more established than the Playstation's current online status, but the PS3's just getting started. It launched in the US and Japan 4 months ago, and last week in Europe.

The PS3 and Wii overtook the 360 in Japan their first month out of the gate. Who's getting "killed" in that situation?

Give it time, man. Does there really have to be a winner and loser in this thing? We'll all benefit from having multiple successful consoles available. The bottom fell out of the video game market in 1983 or so, and we don't need to have something like that happen again. There's a place for all three consoles.
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