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PixelJunk Shooter or Mushroom Wars

Well the reason for starting this thread is obvious, I'm trying to decide which one to buy since I only have the funds for one, the main reason why it's become difficult is because while Mushroom Wars has a demo which I did enjoy, PixelJunk Shooter doesn't but I'm a fan of the franchise, just bought PixelJunk Monsters with the other part of the PSN card I'm using for these games. So if anyone has bought or tried PixelJunk Shooter and wants to give me your thoughts on it, post them below, if you happen to have bought both, by all means post as well but I have a feeling nobody has both.

Now of course if you have played any other PSN games that are good and have demos feel free to post them as well since I could wait on both of the games if there's something even better out there.
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