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Originally Posted by m0tl3sl4y3r View Post
so, IW owns the rights to the Modern Warfare series then?
I'm interested to see what Sledgehammer does with the Call of Duty series.
but I wouldn't blame MW2's problems on Sony's security problems, because MW2 was broken a while ago.
I'm kinda glad I traded MW2 in a while ago, if it's completely unplayable as Dustin says
I think under their agreement with activision Zampella and West owned the rights to it but with all the legal trouble between the two its hard to say.

Activision still owes Zampella and West the royalties from MW2.

As for the game, I'm sure there is a COD in development by sledge that's rumored to take place in space however with all the hacks recently I wouldnt place to much credence in this picture.
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