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1: Paying for Live is stupid. But since it works for Micro$oft, PC users will still fall into it as well way too soon. Kudos for Micro$oft for making money easily by offering a service that should be free!

2: Sony is loosing a lot more money on each PS3 than Microsoft is on each 360. To me, the best deal is when I buy something for way cheaper than it did cost to make it! So in that case, the PS3 is still a better deal. (Buy I have to admit that the 360 is likely the only other sweet deal you can buy for cheaper than cost of manufacturing right now... Wish I could afford both : )

3: Software wise, I'm not buying a console because there's 1000 games avalaible for it. I'm buying it for the few titles that I like. Could not afford all 1000 games anyway. Now, I bought the PS3 in part for Virtua Fighter. I rented the game before I bought it, and ended up not buying it! (Will likely buy it on Ebay, when it's a lot cheaper) On the other side, I fell in love with Motorstorm, when I played the demo, bought it and spent most of my time playing it. (Have only 4 games so far). So basically, like average players, I only buy maybe 3 to 5 games per year and quite often discover nice gems I was not expecting and ended up being not so happy with killer games. Look at your game library from your previous consoles. You didn't bought 1000 games no? As long as 3 to 5 great games come out every years, I'll be sooooo happy. Heck, what's cool is because I'm not paying for live, I can even afford one more game every year for free : ) So after 5 years, I'll have 5 more "free" games than any 360 owners.
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