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Originally Posted by JDawG12 View Post
Okay, I dont know what you people are talking about.. PS3 IS getting its ass kicked hardcore... Wii sells more systems in a week then PS3 does for the whole month. Why do you think you can never find any wii's on the shelves at stores, but they usually have a PS3 kickin around some where.. Just face the facts, SONY IS GOING TO DIE OUT, Just like Sega, and Atari, It just wont beable to keep up in the race
great another 360 fan!!! sony is not going to die out. wii is fun but not next gen thats y it sold outt cause it is fun. the 360 was rushed which many units were faulty and ps3 ws delayed many times to fix the problems it had. so before u say sh!t, think about what ur saying B!TCH
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