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Remarks about Microsoft taking too long to make a profit on the Xbox division are utterly retarded.

Guess what guys? People think about business in the long term! That's right! You know, the most successful retailer on the Internet? It took them -eight years- to finally make a profit on that company.

Gee, imagine if all enterprises made microeconomic decisions based on short term yearly profits instead of long term investments: "It's over. Amazon is finished."

"Where's my choice of not paying $100 for goddamn wi-fi that *every* other system has by default"

Does *every* other system have a wifi adapter that is a/b/ and g compliant? Ever look up the cost of those? The last time I checked, they were about $75 for a name brand.

"At least Nintendo (and Sony now) are upfront about their pricing and standardized with their features."

Like a $500 console that you can't buy anymore?

"Microsoft's tactic is to cut out a bunch of stuff so they can lower the initial price and then sell you that same stuff later at incredibly ridiculous prices."

Yeah, you're right.

Sony didn't cut out legacy memory cards, only to sell you the transfer kit back at a ridiculous price, which you'll only need to use once.

They didn't cut out infrared, only to sell you a console specific bluetooth remote control for the ps3.
Talk about adding **** 100% of the owners didnt want or need.
Thanks sony, now in addition of my $250 universal harmony remote, I have to buy that piece of ****.

Sony didn't cut out the HDMI cable (TruHD, and composite cables?), only to try and sell you one back.
Which incidentally, I never knew sony made HDMI cables, until the ps3 came out.

Sony didn't cut out replaceable batteries for the sixaxis, only to sell you a new controller once the battery finally dies.

I guess nintendo didn't cut out a wired ethernet connection, only to sell the adapter to us.
(Which anyone who games online knows, a wired connection is much more reliable)

I could go on, but I won't.
Point being, they are all guilty of cutting stuff out, only to sell it back to us. For some reason, you just have a hatred for microsoft, when all three companies are guilty.
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