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Lol. Infared isnt in the PS3 because its crap and u dont need the remote for it anyway u can use the controller and bluetooth is much more reliable anyway.
They cut out the memory card things cause they wanted as few things on the front as possible.I think they should have kept them on it atleast on the back anyway but still its not like buyin a $100 wifi adapter is it its alot cheaper than that.
Seriously buyin batteries every month cause they are dieng is a pain i did with a wireless PS2 controller and ended up spending alot of money on battereies instead of games or something more useful. Rechargeable batteries are good and u know it they will take ages to fully die and you save money in the long run.
Why would u buy a $250 remote thts expensive for just a remote.
Sony left HDMI cables out cause most ppl dont need them yet cause they dont have HD TV's.Again its cheaper than buyin a HD DVD drive for $200.
I play wireless gaming everyday and i get no lagg wat so ever so it doesnt matter and i dont want to have to set up my TV and everything next to my internet connection.Its called freedom.
Yes all companys cut stuff out but MS went the furthest:no HDD in all consoles, no wireless controllers in all packages,no wifi in any consoles,no HD DVD drive in the console,haveing to pay for LIVE.I could go on but i wouldnt want to offend youre 'perfect' White box of spherical crap.
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