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How can i buy the MEME & GENE Expansion for MGO? My country is unregistered

Here is my problem:

1. My country is unregistered so i created a UK based account
2. I entered Metal Gear Online Shop and i was able to log in
3. I clicked Buy MEME & GENE Expansion

This is where the freaking problem starts

4. I was able to fill out the Credit Card details of my GF, EASY (Yes, she told me its a gift)
5. When i was about to fill out her address field, it asked me for the "County" and it has an "*" (asterisk) beside it meaning i need to put something in it.

Another thing thing that worries me is that if i use her CC, PSN might think its fraudulent and get be banned.

I also thought buying a PSN Card will do the trick, unfortunately Konami and PSN are not under one payment scheme.

Help :(

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