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We need more content***ing-genesis

I noticed this article is just basically a plug for Gametrailer's Invisible Walls; an excellent podcast btw. But here's where i begin to disagree.
We gotta stop relying on other sites for some of our news. We need to have our own exclusives, our own sources of info, our own podcast or something. We SHOULD NOT be forced to rebroadcast and advertise for Gametrailers like this, great as that site may also be. Ironically enough, I've posted in these forums with various links to other game sites, but I expected more from the staff. It's like marketing their site over what our site produces, which seems heavily counterintuitive. Why go to this site at all, when they could just go straight to the source? WE NEED TO BE THAT SOURCE.
We need more exclusives, more ORIGINAL content, and that Mars interview was an excellent start. I just hope we get more of that, rather than plugins for other sites. I'm also hoping that as this site grows, more of such exclusives will be made availaible to us

And just to reiterate, this is NOT a shot at the wonderful staff here at PCN.

What do you guys think? Am I wrong/crazy/retarded etc.? I don't mind flaming, i really would like to know
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