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Well said Nick .. EIN .. things are always easier said than done. You do not know how many emails we send out a week to PR... they're d*mn hard to get a hold of some of these Publishers.

Sony says they'll send us a game, then 2 days later you can't get a hold of them! These reps change from one day to another and some arent the most reliable people to work with! Assure you that we're doing our best atm, however with our 95k alexa ranking and 100k unique visitors a month, we're still much smaller than the big guys out there.

Now we do post those unique articles when we can, but what we dont understand at the moment is .. Why arent people signing up and participating?

If you look in terms of productivity, we supply as much news as most other fansites out there, but the difference between us and the others is that... they have XXXXXXX users to read those... we have maybe a couple hundred active users now? That's the difference. Most gaming sites live off their "Active users" and community.

Anways we're trying to get more known around the industry these days. Nick, Dustin, Jacob etc are all contacting PR in order to try to get exclusive info, articles and such... the issue is .. not all PR get back to us!
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