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UGH! I had a really long reply about this and my damn ISP was cutting out and it didnt get submitted, annoys the hell out of me. Anyways...

1 I understand what is being said about following news, but like we have all agreed thats how it is. In my opinion however, don't you enjoy a site that has ALL the news with interesting view points and talented writers more than a site that has one or two top stories? I mean we carry everything and there is no need to look at other sites for news. IF its worth reading, one of us will post it. Thats alot better than if we had say exclusive content here and there like IGN.

2 I dont know what to do with the forums. Im trying a bunch of stuff thats getting us traffic but why the hell is no one signing up and staying to talk....EIN is great for posting this about the main site and has some good pointers for improving that, but if you or anyone wants to speak up and tell us why you think the forums "suck" then please do it so i can look into it lol. This is what we need more than anything.

Our articles have been featured on N4G for the past few weeks to the past 2 months, every week we have at least 2. Both features ive posted recently got featured, along with our news like Insomniac announcing content. So our writers that are working for free are doing a great job, just imagine if they got paid lol, but its the forums thats killing us! We need those readers to come back and make our servers crash! Scare mike! lol ITs amazing to me that we are doing so well without a core user base at all, yes you guys here are reading but look at other sites with thousands of members that can barely keep up with us....

Im doing my best to come up with interesting ideas for you guys to read, along with a few roundtables i want to put together (if anyone has a topic they want the staff to talk about, please message me ill look into it!) along with reconstucting my reviews to be more interesting. The thing is im not the only person on the staff doing this and that shows how dedicated we are. If only we can get members to so we can get ads running and have something to show for it.
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