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Originally Posted by SaintAvi View Post
I can only assume you are referencing me, which as far as point hording goes talk about the pot calling the kettle black, but I digress. The reason I post my response twice dates back to about february when I suggested linking the news and forum posts together ALA


My intentions were always to promote a more lively looking community for anyone
straddling the fence on whether to join or not which even got Michal's support. I assumed it was fine since it was never made an issue till 5 or so months after the fact but if any of the admins would prefer I not do this , I apologize but assure you I had and still have only the purest intentions.

I'd assume the extra points to be negligible when you take into account they've
all been accrued over a period of 5-6 months as opposed to a week like some other people, in reality though if you look closely enough most of my points come from daily interactions on the board
yes i was refering to you just cuz i want sure if you had permission or w/e to do it and just thought it was weird that you were doing it.
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