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i like the psp go. i like anything that is compact and lightweight and doesnt take a lot of space. compared to psp's main memory which was only 32mb, psp go has 16gb flash memory which is a big difference. psp requires an external memory card for more memory space which makes me have a great chance of losing it. another reason why i favor psp go is that im anal about me and people scratching my cds and i dont really have to worry about it for the psp go.

the reason why psp go has such a steep price is the 16gb memory space. i dont think the screen got any bigger.

right now, im waiting for ff dissidia to come out and found out just today that game stop has a dissidia bundle which include a silver psp 3000, 2gb memory stick, the dissidia umb, ffvii movie umb, power cord, battery pack, all 199.99. but if i really want to fork over 249.99 for just the psp go and the standard accessories [ac adaptor and usb cable], i wont know if dissidia would be available on the psn store. i dont know if i should go ahead with the bundle then trade it up for the psp go then i would have a dissidia umb that will be utterly useless to the psp go.

what do you think what i should do?

;) basketcase
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