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GOW3 Famitsu Scans!

From Original Post

Thanks caojiong for the translation, please continue translating.

Stig Interview:

1. Evolution of the Trilogy:
Stig: This is the first God of War on the PS3, we have not only improved the graphic (SUCH AN UNDERSTATEMENT), but we have also improved the mechanics of the game as well. Many things we wanted before, is now possible due to PS3's hardware capability. For example: we have incoporated a tier system for the enemies which allows for greater scale battles. ie: the Centuars act as generals on the field, and which gives a more "organized" feel to the soldiers. The players might not notice these subtle changes, but we want them to experience it.

2. Story?
Stig: Cant tell you too much, what I can tell you is that III follows right after II, Kratos will be riding on the back of Gaia, and challenge the gods. He wants the legendary battle between the gods and the titans to ignite again. That's all I can tell you. Another thing is, this will be the last of the GoW series. Second thing I can tell you is that everything that happened so far in the serie will be resolved in III, which means that in the previous titles, there are important scenes relating to III.

3. Current Status?
Stig: We are in the final stage of development, the development team is going through the game from start to finish. We have no time for sleepa t all. There are still some big problems in some part of the game, but we are going all out fixing these problems. But no need to worry, these problems are routine for GoW, we have solved these problems before, so players can sleep in peace.

4. Evolution of Weapons:
Stig: Weapon system has also been improved in III, for example, the Cestus. It is because we love the glove in the PSP version, so we want III to have something similar. Because the Cestus is a heavy metal glove, it will do insane amount of damage to the enemies (even unbalance the enemies) When Kratos is equipted with the Cestus, he will display a wide array of "boxer-esque" moves. When we design all the new weapons, we want them to be just like the Athena Blessing. Which means, just like the blades, all the new weapons will feature their own special moves, and are equally just as powerful as the blades. Weapons can be swapped in and out in a flash.

5. Big Ass Titans!
Stig: Like the titans, III brings huge scale to the scene that has never been seen before. These titans will walk, talk, breathe, they are living entities. Before we can only make things happen on "static" places, now all of it can happen on this moving, living big titans. Some titan's height is two times the height of the tower of Eiffel. Even for the Collossus in II, the titan can grasp the collossus with its hand.

6. Increasing the number of enemies
Stig: In the previous titles, the max amount of enemy per fight is about 10. in III, the number is 30-40. In other games, it is normal to increase the number of enemies, but we think that is just "increasing the number of enemies", it will not have any effect on the mechanics of the game. We feel the need to evolve the mechanic. For example: When Kratos faces the 5 enemies in front of him, what is he thinking? When the enemies all attack at the same time, will they employ tactics that is situation specific? So when we do our tweaks, we will consider the perspective of both sides. Then we will give Kratos new skills. When the number of enemies increases, Kratos skill will also evolve. It is very simple, the more the enemy, the better the attacks. This is something we want he players to take notice.


Brother of Zeus and Hades, in charge of the seas. Their father, the titan Chronos, who fears that his sons might take his power from him. swallows Poseidon and Hades among others. Zeus was saved by his monther. He engaged in long and hard fought battle with the titans in order to free his brothers and won the battle at the end. Maybe because of this, the ties between the three brothers runs deep. Normally Poseidon is seen with his huge ass trident, sometime he will be seen riding on the back of (dont know the english name) Monstrous sea horse.


God of the underworld, feared by everybody. He joins Zeus in the fight for Olympus. Hades' refuge was his wife Persephone, who was killed by Kratos (in PSP). So Hades is ****ed to the max. Even though Hades is huge, he is very quick on his feet and features a variety of attacks.


Half man half beast, in this game it takes the form of a goat. Fast and furious. Uses claymore and sceptor to quickly attack.

Talos (Hammer Guys):

Granted life by God. statues whose goal is to kill Kratos. Made from materials like Steel and stone, there are many of these. no matter the type of Talos, they all have tremendous strength, but lacks agility. If get hit once by these guys, you will suffer huge damage. Players beware, dont lose your focus when you are up against these guys.

Last Say from Stig:

We want GoW III to give the players a easy yet extremely satisfying experience. We want it to be the best. Everybody on the development team is hard at work. Be patient, the release day is just around the corner.
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