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It should be a good game. I personally think Coyotes will be a top contending team this year. They kept alot of good players and got even more great players over the off season. They took some hits on defense. However the only real struggle is the same thing as last year, power play unit.

I think they will be solid, probably not top 4 teams, but somewhere in the middle again, and defo be a team to look out for. The only thing that sucks is our whole division is looking good, the Sharks look killer yet again and even the Kings look competitive.

I think the Bruins have a solid team on the ice, more of a powerhouse team. I think they will be along the same lines of the Yotes, very competitive, and stay within the middle grounds of the East. I think they have the potential to move into the top 4 teams though. That is after the Yotes beat them twice to begin the season :P haha!
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