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OnLive Rocks.

OnLive has launched and it caught my curious side, I gave it a test run and
I think it is the first step in perhaps a bold new direction when it comes to
PC gaming.

First off the app is tiny, weighing in at only 9MB, it offers a free trial for
everything in the store, I fired up a game of Arkham Asylum to test things
out and I was super impressed.

While the image quality isnt on par with running it natively (It may be because
I am using the "WiFi Beta" vs a wired connection), it is still impressive, heres
a shot of someone else playing splintercell while I hopped in Spectator Mode.

It's still in it's infancy so the selection is currently rather limited, but
I recommend anyone with any interest in PC gaming to give it a shot as it can
only get better, it wont be long before you can play Crysis on your Netbooks.

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