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Originally Posted by Wakka
I dont know what you translated that too, you could have been calling me names or something lol, but lets see if i can clear up what i said

where ever you downloaded it. could you just DL one CD of the game? that way you dont have the whole game on one CD? plus my first CD of FF8 is f*cked so i need to burn it. ^_^
Now I understand!

LOL big time!


so, I use torrents... I've download a "package" that have the 4 disc of FF8

But they are seperated inside of that package so you can burn it to play it with your PSX...

If you want, I can try to seed the first disc just for you ;)

On an other note :

I've burned the games with Clone CD...

But I can't boot it with my Swap Disc 3.3 CD Version :(

I'll try something else soon, if it don't work, I'll pm you back Mike ;)
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