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found that on the internet

PS2 Flip-Top Case with Swap Disk (No Modchip Required)

Our new Flip-Top Cover is the easiest way to mod your console! Allows you to play PS2 CD-R and DVD-R backups (copies of your originals) and imports with the included PS2 Boot Disc's. This is performed by swapping the Boot Disc with your burned PS2 copies by using the Flip-Top lid! All you need is a screwdriver and about five minutes to install it. Just replace your current PS2 shell with the Flip-Top lid and you can easily swap your backup with the PS2 boot disk. It's fast and foolproof.

Product Features:
* No Modchip Required!
* No Soldering Required!
* Play online games without worry!
* No patching required for EA Sports backups
* All you need is a screw driver to install it!
* Also plays PS1 backup games by using a GameShark 2 original or demo disk
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