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PSP Slim

The PSP Slim & Lite has landed. About to chuck out your original and rush to the shops? Whoa there, fella. Let us give you the lowdown. We?re looking at a revamp, rather than the PSP reborn.
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OK, it?s 5mm thinner and 3mm shorter than the original, with a similar build, but it?s still a touch too big to fit in your pocket. The 4.3-inch screen is still fantastic, but that?s because it?s the same 4.3-inch screen from the original.

Body tweaks are akin to a short back and sides rather than a full Brazilian. The infrared port?s gone ? there?s a switch on the top to activate Wi-Fi ? and the UMD door now flaps open. Game commands stay the same, with the same L and R buttons, D-pad and four control keys.

So what of the TV-out socket? It?s cool to be able to hook up the PSP to a TV or monitor and play games or browse the web. The component AV cable connects via the headphone socket, but one isn?t supplied, so you have to buy one.

As with the original PSP, you can remotely access files stored at home on your PS3, and as a bonus you can now charge it via USB. Battery life clocks in at a solid 4-6 hours depending on useage.

The Slim & Lite isn?t the enormous leap across the tech ravine we?d hoped for, more of a tip-toe through a small puddle. That said, everything we loved about the PSP is still here ? it?s a great console, it?s got intuitive controls and cracking games. Still a winner? Yes. Ground-breaking? Well, not really.

If you want to get a feel for it yourself, then point your mouse down below for our exclusive first video.

Looks great, definitely picking one up!
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