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Press Conferences (MS & Sony)

so i watched them both today and besides the fact that this is a PS3 site and i own a ps3, i have no problem giving credit where credit is due

i am not a fanboy, but i do hold the notion that i made the wise decision of investing in a PS3 over the 360. at the point in which i made my purchase blu ray was the key to winning me over, but since then it has become abundantly clear that blu ray is not the only difference maker

i floated around N4G and saw ppl giving MS' conference better grades than Sony's and i was shocked and wondered what ppl were smoking

i have to say that i lol'ed when Tony Hawk said something like "the best skateboarding experience is getting on an actual board" and he just stops there, ugh no **** sherlock, that's why kids who actually have a pair and are at least somewhat athletically inclined choose skateboarding as their pastime

and then the MG: rising introduction was pretty sad. Kojima looks awkward and uncomfortable and rushes off stage, while at the Sony conference he looks confident and says a lot more, especially the part where he assures everyone that he is behind Peacemaker as well as the team who made MGS4

i dunno, i guess it's to each his own, but honestly nothing in MS' conference made me go "WOW"

but if you saw that GOW3 demo from Sony then you had to have said "WOW" at that last fight scene where he rips off the montster's horns and gouges it's eyes with them, that was just SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK

in my humble opinion, i have to say that MS got thoroughly owned today
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