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The lasers have nothing to do with backwards compatibility, they are in all PlayStation 3 models otherwise certain models wouldn't play DVD movies. To achieve backwards compatibility that PlayStation 3 needs at least the PS2 Graphics processor on board as it can't emulate both the PS2 Emotion Engine and the PS2 Graphics processor. Since having this extra chip costs money Sony cut it from new models to save on production costs, the best model PlayStation 3's had both the Emotion Engine and the PS2 Graphics processor so they didn't need emulation and could run almost 100% of PS2 games(20GB & 60GB models), then to save money they phased out the Emotion Engine and created the 80GB PlayStation 3 (MotorStorm and Metal Gear Solid 4 bundle only, not the current 80GB console) that relied on emulation, it was compatible with 70-80% of games, then they completely phased out all PS2 parts which spawned the 40GB, the current 80GB model and the current 160GB model.
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