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I dont think this will happen anytime soon.

-The games are too big. PS1 games are not that big, PS2 games took up entire DVD's which are gigs of data.

-PS2 is still selling well, Sony would be shooting themselves in the foot if they had this on PS2. Let alone alot of people would take it the wrong way and be mad that the games are on PSN so soon. After all who wants to "buy all their games again" like PSP? lol

-I personally think they are better off doing it like God of War. Release 2 or 3 games on a Blu ray, make it HD, add trophies, and some other neat features and call it a day. If they released a HD Metal Gear Solid pack id be there in a hearbeat. You could do it with Socom, Syphon Filter, and so many others
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