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Originally Posted by Dustin S. View Post
Do you know if you can use the new ps3 to ps3 utility with a SATA to USB cable? I have one and i hear the drive kick in and everything, but the PS3 wont read it as a drive. I was thinking if both drives have the PS3 data on it, perhaps the ps3 to ps3 thing would work
They make those cables, that would have made my life back in co-op a heck of a lot easier instead of having to rely on flaky enclosures but from what I can tell the only way to use the new transfer utility is two hook the two consoles together with an Ethernet cable. I think the reason for this is if you were to take your hard drive from your PlayStation 3 and use a SATA to USB cable on your PC it would see nothing as the entire hard drive is encrypted so only the original PlayStation 3 can read it, in the case of using a SATA to USB cable I think the same things happens since the PlayStation 3 that is trying to read the drive can't get past the drive encryption where the transfer utility has both consoles running so each one is able to read their hard drives successfully and as a result able to send information to the other console for transfer.


Originally Posted by kiduka View Post
You should back up your PS3 data to an external USB drive and once your PS3 comes back you can load up your data back on to the system.
That isn't going to work here, his console has the YLOD, hence the console itself can't even load to the XMB, hence making it impossible to run the backup utility or the new transfer utility.
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