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Hotz has good intentions in which he says he wants to open the PS3 up to make it more accessible to homebrew, but everyone knows some hacker will produce an iso loader which will fry the PS3 market!!

Has anyone read his recent blogs? He has read/write access to lv0, lv1... but he needs lv2, lv3 to really stir things up. The PS3 has 7 cells 6 of which any hacker can access but the 7th one NO one has access to it, not even game developers not even NAUGHTY DOG!! That 7th cell runs the entire PS3 system on its own!! it reads the HD, runs the necessary codes, and checks that the PS3 is legit! if its not the 7th cell will refuse to function which will result in the PS3 not booting.

He is stuck at this point! he needs smart hackers to help him access the necessary keys cos when he has them, then he can screw Sony over.
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