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first its not as big as it actually seems..

i mean for a start he hasnt left ANY software, just files of code he found and he how did what he done, so basically a hacker would have to study all this re-construct it and then find the stuff he didnt find(theres a bunch of root keys etc he never found, he actually only gained access to the hypervisor and ram etc) so technically it hasnt actually been hacked.. only exploited..

also even if some hacker comes along and does this, makes software for piracy.. then its down to the actual game size i mean if you dont have a super fast broadband connection the games are going to take AGES to download..

the only thing i can see coming from this is maybe homebrew and emulators, i cant see piracy becoming a big thing from this..

p.s it only works on 60gb ps3s at a certain firmware, and we all know since sony started selling well was the slims, so again this will reduce it straight away :)

and sony were already reading his blog before he even found the exploit, so chances are the have guys ready to do something about it :)

p.p.s :P

he cant actualy be taken down, as its his hardware he has messed with hes allowed to open it up and do what he wants with it since hes paid for it, and releasing the exploit? again its HIS exploit on his hardware, yes he has released it for people to see but he doesnt condone piracy or anything, so its down to the intentions of the people who download it.. if they make a software from it that can allow piracy thats when it will be illegal, sadly
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