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What would happen if Sony made a $199.00 PS3?

Sony is having a tough time breaking into Microsoft's 10million console lead here in North America. I know some of that 10million is double purchases due to Xbox RROD and a lot of people have purchased the slim 360...

I know mulitplats are getting better on the PS3, but I can't help to think if the console gap was a little closer then we would see very,very good multiplats on the PS3. Oh, and the always exclusive to 360 DLC may finally go our way...

I'm just wondering if Sony found a way to make the PS3 $199.00 would that help close the gap and how long do you think it would take. What could Sony do to get the cost down to $199.00. At $199.00 does MS make any money or is it a loss?
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