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Originally Posted by glen421 View Post
I heard Black Light Tango wasn't that good on the PS3...Again that's what I heard.

I think right off the bat I got $15 worth of DLC. Since then a couple of PS1 and PSN titles. For me I like the 1hr trial period of a game. To me Plus is worth it. I do wish though they (Sony) could throw in a couple of HD Movies (new releases) from time to time.
It's awesome imo. All you really need is one month where everything looks good to you, and it is worth getting a year subscription. For example if they had a really cool PSOne game (I'm talking FF, I know it will never happen), a really cool PSN game that most people won't have (e.g. Mushroom Wars, yes it's awesome), and some of the better minis e.g. Tehra Dark Warrior, that would be a good month.

Beta stuff is definitely good though, as long as it guarantees you access.
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