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Originally Posted by EIN View Post
it would cost 21$ for a hat, 23$ for a shirt

but michal is the boss man. If he says it doesn;t build membership base, then we listen and focus on that

maybe somewhere down the line i guess
It's definitely something worth doing down the line .. but for me to hold stock of hats and take care shipping etc isn't a priority right now .. you all know that I'm super busy with everything and adding that would just top things off.

There are tons of companies on the web that can take care of this for us. We'd simply provide them with the design and orders would go through there... there you go .. problem solved and I don't have to play around with stock, shipping ... issues!

I wouldn't do this either way for profit purposes... we'd get what .. maybe 20 sales with the size of our active members and that's it. It's just not worth the effort and risk at the moment to invest into something like that... especially with the size of our active users! :)

Once we expand and market the website properly, then we'll move on to details like this :) ... If in the meantime you guys still want to order items, I can definitely make a few designs with EIN and have them setup with a company on the web to take care of the manufacturing/shipping for us.
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