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(coyotes in trouble)

Im a DIEHARD Coyotes fan and obviously there are some issues about with finances lately, buy like this article says, it happened to all the clubs at one point especially over the past 10 years.

So just some background on the franchise

-We had a winning playoff team that sold out almost every game up until 2001. What happened in 2001? NEW MANAGMENT which is the current management that has destroyed the team. They traded away future hall of famers like tkkachuk that now carries the blues every year.

-Like the artilce says EVERY canadian team has been through this along with several others that are currently in the playoff run. I have new respect for Gary Bettman keeping the coyotes here in AZ.

As for the Blackberry owner i hate him now. Going against league rules and trying to find a loop in the system in order to move the team back to canada. Why not use that 213 million and MAKE YOUR OWN TEAM! He obviously doesnt care about anyone here in AZ therefore i dont care about his products and wont support him, as a consumer respect means alot and i wont ever own a Blackberry because of this. Im sure he makes other things, but he thrives and is known for blackberries. Everyone that goes to buy that ill suggest other phones like the iphone even though i dont like it just to make sure sales go down.

Now that im done ranting haha, any other hockey fans interested in whats going on? Dont say its a mistake to put hockey in phoenix because when the team is winning they do fine. ITs also a houshold name here for the team, everyone likes the coyotes. Why else would we build them a new stadium?

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