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Well since I'm on the other side in Southern Ontario although not close enough to be able to go to a Hamilton game I have to say, I'm all for the move for one simple reason, the Coyotes were a Canadian team and yet when one tough period came around and Canadians came out in vast support the team moved no problem, now all we want to do is reverse that but Mr. Butthead Bettman can't live with or admit the fact the Coyotes are a failed experiment and is digging in his heels, I know there are some of you down in Arizona including Dustin that enjoy the team but many more did when the Coyotes moved in the first place but we weren't considered and the fact remians, you can't fill the stands in an arena in the middle of a desert where we can. As to Mr. Ballisle, you try finding a guy with more patience, he has tried twice before to buy a failing team (Pittsburgh and Nashville) and move them to a more profitable market and Bettman won't let him have an expansion team anytime soon, he got too much to worry about with failing Southern teams to bother to allow for expansion so what is he supposed to do, wait 20 years before Bettman finally gets it through his thick skull that expansion is a good thing. No, he's doing something and making the NHL sweat for once and maybe finally get something accomplished. Whether the Coyotes move or not or you consider it "breaking" league rules, it's going to get things moving in the NHL to change teams around a bit or add some new ones.
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