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Thing is, look at pittsburgh now. Stadium was full all year and had coverage all year. Why? because they are winning. They were going through a down time before and thats why they were having issues. When the coyotes win they are the same way....This year, first half of the year, they were winning and competing for a playoff spot and they stadium was doing well. The news was covering them and they were doing pretty good. They come back and they start to lose, now people dont want to pay for a losing team...

If they move the coyotes, but keep the players, and allow the Roadrunners to move im all for it. That way its our team and there is no whining of them moving from Canada.

For an update
The judge said if they do move they are tagging on an additional fee for expansion on top of the 210 million Ballsili put down, and the judge said thats fine if it happens. Glendale just jumped in and said they are in support of them staying and will restructure the plan (possibly allow parking fee's) since they just built the team a very nice stadium and want them to keep playing there. If Coyotes are so fail here, then why did we spend millions and millions to build a small town of buildings and the nicest stadium in the league for them? The other 3 leagues (NBA, NFL, MLB) are all in support of the team staying. White Sox owner said he would be happy to buy the team and keep them here, along with 3 other buyers. (Thats what we need, a REAL manager so we can WIN) NHL said they would gladly fund the team until a new owner is set in place. So things are looking good. The judge had the final hearing a couple days ago and we will be hearing the final ruling this week, hopefully.

Im also glad to hear Gretzky say he is in support of the team staying, if they dont he is cutting ties with the team and they will owe him a couple million. They are also debating where the players will go if they move. Like i said its my dream to see Doan holding the stanley cup for our team.
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