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If you had a choice between building an NHL stadium or nothing, what would most take, the NHL stadium because it should make money and attract people but as the Coyotes owner has shown the team hasn't made money in ages. Some parking fees won't change that and of course Glendale will support keeping them around, otherwise they have nothing to fill that arena and it would be a failed investment. Plus Pittsburg was a different story, that town had hockey history so people there cared more about keeping a hockey team so they managed to stay and it got them the Cup, the amount of people that care in Arizona is much smaller, just because they won and got some coverage doesn't make it a good hockey market, a real hockey market supports their team no matter what, look at the Ottawa Senators and the Toronto Maple Leafs, neither have won the cup in over 50 years and we all still come out and support them. The main thing too is if the team is considered bankrupt and can be sold, it goes to the highest bidder and no one else has offered anywhere near as much as the Blackberry guy.
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