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I still stand behind the point that hockey can't be successful in the desert and if it goes the way it's being predicted the Coyotes will stay one more season and then they will be up for auction, regardless of how bad you think management is the protest I saw on T.V. to keep the Coyotes is Arizona was laughable, 50-100 people showed up, when the Coyotes were going to leave Winnipeg, people came out by the thousands. Besides it's not a total victory for the NHL, the judge just ruled there wasn't enough time to go through everything required to finish the deal before the deadline that would be necessary to get the Coyotes playing in Hamilton this year, they still are a bankrupt team that needs a buyer and if Mr. Blackberry keeps his bid on the table he is still the largest bidder and the only one who would get the creditors paid off.
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