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OK I had Ps3 since Christmas its been working good. I used a HDMI wire one day I turned of my PS3 and turned it back on and no picture displayed So I bought A new wire and held down the power button until I heard the beep still nothing happen no picture showed so how do I fix it.

P.S: All the time i had my ps3 I used the main power switch to turn it on and off does that cause a problem. Another thing is i would usually turn it off in the middle of a game. Do I have to get a new ps3
yeah, its a bit tricky.

all you need to do it reboot the ps3 a few times or just hold your finger on the power button for about 10 seconds. it should beep twice and the new display thing should be up.

note: using the switch in the back is not an issue as long as you are in the xmb at the time. try putting the ps3 off using the controller and then flipping it off with the switch once the LED is solid red.
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