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Leaving (At Least For Now)

Well I'm taking at least a temporary leave of absence from the forums to focus on some personal things and because quite honestly the actual forum activity has dropped significantly over the past few months. Very few threads ever see responses from anyone in the community and when we do see responses, it's always from the same few members who are always here (not that I don't like the consistent members).

Another contributing factor is losing my PS3, as without a working console I have little reason/incentive to keep posting new info on PS3 games and hardware or responding to threads about the PS3. I'm also now in a position where I'm reconsidering even buying another PS3 as Sony isn't exactly in my good books right now due to how they decided to treat a loyal customer to the PlayStation platform. In fact thanks to owning a decent PC I might not even buy another console at all or if I do it might end up being an XBOX 360.

Anyway I won't completely disappear either, knowing myself I will probably still log-in to the forums at some point and if you want to reach me, I will still exist on YouTube and Twitter but as of now I won't be posting any new threads and my thread responses will be extremely limited if I respond at all. I will say if I decide later on to leave permanently or have a date of return, I will post an update to this thread indicating so.
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