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I have my buddy's Xbox 360, I wouldn't purchase one, even though there under 200$ right now, I wouldn't put money there. It really works fine, it's a good console and there are good games, considering that some games are on every consoles. It just doesn't beat the PS3, so I'm saving my money to get one.

What bugs me with the X box is first of all, the controller, why don't they put both joysticks at the same place, WTF! Then, there's the fact that when you buy an xbox, if you want to go live, you need either a serial cable, an a place to plug it near, or you run it through the wall which is a real b**ch, or you buy the wireless. Also, if you wanted to watch HDDVD, when they still existed, well you had to buy it on the side, and that's not all, xbox live isn't free. I know there's alot more people on Xbox live, but still, if I can get it free, I rather go for free. So all these extra expenses are simply annoying.

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