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Originally Posted by trediddy View Post
(hope i don't get an infraction for posting back to back, but i couldnt wait for someone else to post)
No worries trediddy. Just edit your post next time to add new content. ;)

Originally Posted by SaintAvi View Post
GTA4 was disappointing for me, I dont regret buying it though, topping Vice City is going to be a challenge, that one just did everything right
To be quite honest, I feel as though San Andreas would be the one to beat. Huge open world, not confined to a city, know what I mean?

I think the most disappointing game I have ever purchased this gen would be Haze. Thing is, I bought it after all the reviewers sunk it. Sometimes there is that one jewel that didn't get the respect it deserves, Haze however is not that jewel.
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