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It's not ridiculous at all, in fact if one of my friends played most of the games he owns to earn more of the trophies he would probably reach well over 1,000, even myself, if I actually finished the games I have now in terms of trophies I would probably be close to 1,000.

You don't have to play bad games just to get to that kind of score, the PlayStation Store has plenty of smaller titles that feature trophies and as I look through Riarwe's trophy list, you can look it up too, there's no Hannah Montana, in fact most of the trophies are from main stream titles such as God of War, Burnout Paradise (which has 98 trophies including all the DLC ones), Uncharted 2, etc, he's just finished them to completion and then plenty of PSN titles as well. There's nothing even along the lines of Hannah Montana bad, sure maybe a few titles that didn't get amazing ratings but nothing that bad.

Plus there is no game save hacking, if you didn't start the save yourself, you can't earn trophies off it, it's why when trophy updates come out you don't get your trophies applied even though you might have finished the game. If there really was, don't you think most people by now would have higher scores.

Finally if there's one thing I hate it's people who think that people with high trophy scores have no lives, you don't have to spend 16 hours a day in front of a screen to get a trophy score that high. Heck it could be you just game for a couple of hours every day as a stress reliever but that time adds up if you actually play games and you know what you're doing.
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