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No worries, after Black Ops the COD series is going to begin its decline. You can just feel it. People were mad that both WaW and MW2 were just expansions at full price, and Black Ops is the same way with a few added perks. With their yearly cycle there is no way for any of the 3 developers to evolve it.

Second you have EA trying to push their way back in that market and you have Ubisoft finally coming back to it. Imagine what a solid Rainbow Six and Medal of Honor is going to do to COD. People are going to see quality elsewhere.

Lastly they screwed over PS3 gamers, PS3 gamers are getting bigger and louder. When a dev like EA steps in and says dont worry about them, we got you covered. Guess who gets the praise?

So with COD being their last money making franchise plumeting, unless Activision brings something new to the table I doubt Kotick will stay. The only hope for them is Bungie, but EA has Insomniac, and both developers seem to be in talks to target the same genre at the same time.

I also like how Kotick tries to take credit for things Blizzard did. Sure both companies are good at ripping off people, but Blizzard did it creatively and Activision had nothing to do with it. If I see a COD MMO I hope Kotick gets shot in the face the day they announce it.
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