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I purposely left it out because like I said Kotick shouldn't get credit for it at all. Plus if Guitar Hero (already failing thanks to Rock Band) and COD (going to lose to future EA titles) start slumping I doubt WoW will hold the company up. I mean it held Blizzard up, but Blizzard wasn't this massive publisher trying to take over the world and they only spent money on what 3 games? Taking their sweet ass time on all of them so they werent really alot of man power.

What will happen is they will keep milking COD for as long as they possibly can. Probably introduce an MMO style online to it, have it fail, go back to normal COD, try to renovate it and still fail then EA will take their crown back or Ubisoft will get it.

Why? Because the second they start plumeting dearly, they will start releasing all kinds of things including a horrible idea of WoW2 or some type of MMO which will destroy all their resources. Kotick will get fired and the quality will go up again and their focus wont be inside our wallets, but the reviews put on the internet. I say this because it happens to every big company, most notably EA. Remember when they were king, remember when their games sucked, remember when all they wanted to do was milk our wallets.
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