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Old 30-07-2009   #1
PCN Master
Join Date: May 2009
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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Sony Posts a Loss, Nintendo Does Too

In it's latest quarter Sony has posted another loss of $390.5 million, mostly due to a slump of PlayStation 3 sales (only 1.1 million vs. last year in the same quarter at 1.6 million) and PSP sales (only 1.3 million vs. last year in the same quarter at 3.7 million), although as CNET points out, with the news of the PSP! Go on the way and the continued rumors of a PlayStation 3 slim, this might have helped to drive down sales, but on a more positive note and in the same article the Wii seems to be losing steam fast as Nintendo has reported a 66 percent fall in quarterly operating profit on "slowing demand for its Wii console and a stronger yen." Nintendo managed to sell 2.23 million Wii's this quarter vs. last year's same quarter sales of 5.17 million consoles although Nintendo has still posted a profit of $445 million this quarter.

My favorite part of the article though, Nintendo considers it's main competition in the handheld market at the moment not to be the PSP, but Apple's iPhone.
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Old 30-07-2009   #2
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I wonder what this will mean for Sony...hopefully nothing bad
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Old 30-07-2009   #3
Join Date: Jun 2008
Location: Arizona
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If Sony keeps failing like that then their name will begin to get tarnished because something drastic will need to happen, from there Sony will cut back even more and before you know it they are only doing one thing TV's or Video Games, whatever makes money and either way the PlayStation will hurt. It wont happen though if they get the slim out and start picking up sales again.

Samsung is quality in TV so Sony needs to beat that or hope their market economy fails like the Yen. As for Apple they can suck on an egg lol. I dont consider Iphone a gaming handheld and people that do probably also own Wii's....Then Google will help bring PC back on top, Sony will bring PSP back with Go, and if they ever enter the console or video game war i hope Sony and MS tag team to destroy them.
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Old 31-07-2009   #4
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As this seems like really bad news it could have been worse. Sony has made cutbacks which helped slow down some of the bleeding. Sony's stock was actually up over $2.00 at $27.28 yesterday and has been on the up since Feb 09 which was it's 52 week low at $15.64. That is almost a 100% increase in stock value and that doesn't happen cause your losing money. Losing money is apart of buisness it's what your management team does to stop it. I think the market sees Sony's future potential and has reacted accordingly. Sony still has a steap hill to climb to get back to the top.

Nintendo only has gaming where as Sony is more diverse. So Nintendo is more susectable (I think I spelled that right) to down turns in gaming like was recently reported. Their stock has been on the decline since May 09. Nintendo's software attach ratio is garbage compared to PS3 and 360 and we know why that is.

On the MS front the RROD is actually going to cost MS more than the $1billion (they are not sure at this point the actual cost) they put aside in 07 but the Games and Entertainment Div has shown a profit this year.
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Old 31-07-2009   #5
Join Date: Jun 2008
Location: Arizona
Posts: 3,118
PSN ID: soldierone
I think the "loss" can be accounted for all the great things Sony is doing for technology lately. They invented Blu-ray and continue to support it everyday, that alone takes millions out of their pockets. Along with that they have the PS3, along with a possible pocket full of money going towards a slim, and the PSP Go which both take millions to develope and make. Along with that Sony is also inventing new TV's, they just released that new "hybrid" Bravia or whatever to combat the LED Samsungs, to be honest they are amazingly nice. Then they also have new technology in Bravia, internat capability etc, so they need to spend money on supporting things like the movie stores etc....

In other words Sony has money going all kidns of directions right now, when they stop doing that and are happy with where they are at they will have a train of richness to carry them on for years. This 300 billion dollar loss will become a profit margin again. You have to realize the time they mark sony has profit is also the time Sony was living off PS2 and other products, not really doing anything new too much, Sony is in a new era now and it takes money to make money.

Im pretty sure MS will be heading in that direction very soon. Lets face it 360 isnt all that innovative, they basicly took computer components and shoved it into a console. The next Xbox will have to be innovative, they will have to have some type of new technology, and they will either be forced to use blu ray or invent something new. Along with that a new OS is coming and they have the new Zune and a few other things up their sleeves. It wont be anywhere near the reach of Sony but it will still cut them back a little bit.
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