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Guide to Buying the Perfect PS3 Model

I know most of us on the forums know the differences between the various PS3 models but many don't on the Internet and to help out all those users who might come here for answers, I have prepared the following guide to help people make the right choice of console, whether they are buying new or used.

To begin you need to ask yourself if PS2 compatibility is important to you because if it is you will be buying your console used and have to pay close attention in the following sections. Next, are you willing to upgrade your hard drive yourself or don't feel comfortable doing so and finally what will use your console for, if you will be using it for videos, music, pictures, etc it leads into my previous point about feeling comfortable replacing your hard drive.

Section 1: Hard Drive Space

PlayStation 3's ship from the factory with 20GB, 40GB, 60GB, 80GB, 120GB, 160GB or 250GB, if you're going to use your PlayStation 3 for anything more than just gaming and are uncomfortable upgrading the hard drive, you should go with at least 60GB's of space regardless of other features. If you will just use your PlayStation 3 for video games you will be able to live on 40GB's although since this model is discontinued and the 120GB 2 USB "Slim" model (I'll get to it later why the # of USB ports is important) is available for less than the price of the 40GB or 80GB models when they released so unless you can purchase a 80GB console at less than $250 or a 40GB for less than $200 it's not by any means worth it. If you are willing to upgrade your hard drive, then please avoid this section as this won't affect you, you should be focusing on features more since you can get a good sized hard drive for less than $100 (up to a max of 500GB and 5400RPM).

Section 2: Features

Throughout the time the PlayStation 3 has existed there have been many configurations, which I alluded to earlier with the 7 different sizes of hard drives that have been available in PlayStation 3's which had various features, one of which is PS2 compatibility, the others being card readers and the # of USB ports available. The first models released, the 20GB (model #: CECHB01) console and the 60GB (model #: CECHA01) had everything, 4 USB ports and full PS2 compatibility (although the 60GB did have wireless Internet and card readers where the 20GB didn't) and were discontinued almost 2 years ago, if PS2 compatibility is important to you, these are the consoles to watch for used in online auctions but be prepared to pay a lot, these consoles can go for easily upwards of $400 in used condition and "new" ones apparently still sealed in the factory seal go for over $1,000.

But while talking on the grounds of PS2 compatibility, if it's still important to you but the thought of paying that much for a used console scares you, there is another option although it comes with a sacrifice, the 80GB (model #: CECHE01) with 4 USB ports, card readers and wireless Internet (not 2, this is important in this console's case as two models exist with very different feature lists) has some PS2 compatibility but not full compatibility due to the PS2's Emotion Engine processor being removed and the console then having to rely on emulation to emulate the missing processor. As a result of emulation, only 70-80% of PS2 games work with this console model but you can find these models cheaper in online auctions as they aren't in such high demand, if one is selling for more than $500, you are being ripped off as you can get a 60GB for that price. They were sold as the MotorStorm bundle or a Metal Gear Solid 4 Bundle (not the Gun Metal Grey model though, that model is 40GB and incompatible with all PS2 games) and have since been discontinued.

Now onto the other models, from this point on any model listed has absolutely NO PS2 compatibility whatsoever and can't be modified to change this (on a side note though, all PS3 models from the ones I already mentioned to all the other ones below will play PS1 games). To further simply this I will simply state the following, the 40GB (model #'s: CECHH01 & CECHG01), 80GB (model #'s: CECHL01 & CECHK01), 160GB (model #: CECHP01) and the 120GB and 250GB PlayStation 3 Slim all share the same basic features, they all have 2 USB ports, no card readers, absolutely NO PS2 compatibility as I stated previously and they all have wireless Internet (the 20GB console mentioned above was the only model to exclude this). The PlayStation 3 120GB and 250GB slim models though don't have the ability to have Linux installed to them though, although this isn't a huge deal.

All models though have PS1 compatibility as I stated earlier and all have Blu-Ray disc playback.


If you're someone who thinks backwards compatibility is important then as I stated before you will be looking for a 20GB, 60GB or 4 USB port 80GB console and it will be used or at least have to come from an online auction although at the costs for one of these consoles I might recommend instead buying the console I would recommend to all potential PS3 buyers as of February 6th, 2010 to buy the 120GB PlayStation 3 Slim, for the simple reason you can buy a brand new PS2 and the 120GB PlayStation 3 Slim, both with full 1 year warranties for less than a backwards compatible PlayStation 3 in good condition (and without warranty) will most likely cost you. My reasoning for recommending the 120GB slim console over the current higher end 250GB model at $399 is that 120GB should be sufficient storage space for almost everyone and for the extra $100 difference you could put that towards a much larger 500GB hard drive that you install yourself or an external hard drive that then could be used by more than your PlayStation 3 (computer back-up, portable hard drive for music, video, etc between computers, PlayStation 3).

This guide is also a work in progress, I welcome any suggestions and or feedback from the forum members.

Edit: Nice one Jordan, short and sweet and PS2 + PS1 = PS3, nice although I think I rather have a console without duct tape, but PS2 + PS3 = PS5, 2 generations ahead of the current console, what would you do with it.
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guide perfect ps3 model

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