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Old 29-01-2010   #21
Join Date: Jun 2008
Location: Arizona
Posts: 3,118
PSN ID: soldierone
Yeah I want it, but the timing of it is HORRIBLE. I had Mass Effect 2 in my hands today, then I thought of God of War, Heavy rain, Gran Turismo and realized im poor.
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Old 29-01-2010   #22
Join Date: Nov 2008
Posts: 1,194
PSN ID: ExcelBeyond
Like I said earlier, I think it's become pretty obvious that 'exclusive' = 'timed exclusive' in Microsoft's book. The fact that they already have the Splinter Cell engine up and running on the PS3(they confirmed the multiplat game I Am Alive would use it) pretty much confirms it.

I mean, which 3rd party games of MS have ended up exclusive, besides the Valve titles? Bioshock, Ninja Gaiden, Star Ocean, Tales of Vesperia, Eternal Sonata, Episodes of Liberty City, Lost Planet, Condemned, Dead Rising, Saints Row etc all ended up multiplatform. Hell, even their XBL games like Braid, Castle Crashers, Splosion Man, are coming to PSN.
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Old 29-01-2010   #23
Join Date: Jun 2008
Location: Arizona
Posts: 3,118
PSN ID: soldierone
The only game I care about coming to PS3, or just plain a developer making a PS3 game, is Epic Games and Gears of War. I LOVED UT3 and I love Epic Games, thats the only one I want on PS3 and yet its the only one thats actually secured as an exclusive lol.

Valve makes crappy games, and Im not just saying that cus they are douchbags. Wasnt impressed by their Doom knock off or anything they ever made. L4D is a cool concept if the games is 20 bucks, caugh Killing Floor.

Meanwhile Sony keeps throwing out games like Resistance, Heavy Rain, Uncharted, Gran Turismo etc...I dont see how you could stand being a 360 fanboy at this point in time. Unless your brainwashed into the Halo bandwagon...
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Old 30-01-2010   #24
PCN Master
Join Date: May 2009
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Posts: 1,665
PSN ID: Xtreme8888
Well my sister would obviously then fall into that category if that was the case but even after she knew about all the PS3 exclusives coming out, the 360's problems and my continued nudging she still went the 360 route and from what I've heard lately couldn't be more happy with the console. Even myself I can't deny the fact that I didn't enjoy the few games she did have the last time I had access to the console. While the 360 may not have the strongest exclusive lineup in the near future it's not like you can't still enjoy the past great games and the great multi-platform release coming out such as BioShock 2, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, etc. I think 360 owners while they might miss having games such as Heavy Rain and God of War III, I don't think they are going to become miserable or even want to give up on the 360, the console that people have or should give up on is the Wii, the future lineup sure looks worse than the 360 lineup and to date they only have 130 games with a Metacritic score of 75 or above, the PS3 has 212 games and the 360 has 304.
Some say he has a long signature and long posts, all we know is he's called X_Racer1.
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Old 31-01-2010   #25
Join Date: Jun 2008
Location: Arizona
Posts: 3,118
PSN ID: soldierone
Im not saying 360 isn't enjoyable, it has its charm for certain things. However if you have the choice to have all the third party titles, ON TOP of all the PS3 exclusives whats the better choice? Then you add in the free online play, blu ray, and all the other features? I just dont understand how being a "360 fanboy" has any ground to it, there is nothing for you to bash at all. The problem is Xbox is seen as the gaming console, PS3 is seen as the fancy home entertainment system.
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