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Overview - Echochrome


Featuring elegantly designed black and white drawings, echochrome™ is a puzzle game for PS3 and PSP available via download on PLAYSTATION®Network and on PLAYSTATION®Store on PC. Each version of echochromefeatures 56 exclusive levels - totaling over 100 levels across both versions - with each unique level designed specifically to match that platform’s characteristics. Gamers are challenged to play within five simple laws of perspective that govern how one advances through each stage. Offering the most gameplay with the least graphics, echochrome is likened to playing a M.C. Escher drawing on PlayStation®. The player controls an infinite canvas, guiding a mannequin figure by carefully controlling the perspective, tilting and turning the level to create a continual pathway for the character to walk safely through the design. The goal of each level is to reach all of the echos, or shadow guides, as quickly as possible.

There is no set pathway for any level in echochrome. Players will find different and limitless ways to advance through each stage. Additionally, players are able to create their own unique levels using Canvas Mode, and share them with their friends. Additionally, the PS3 version will allow players to upload their favorite custom levels to the developer, and the developer will pick the best of the best to distribute to all online players of the PS3 game (via a free download).

A simple and highly addictive puzzle game, echochrome will change your perspective.


Perspective traveling - By manipulating the viewpoint, the player can connect two pathways that are apart and the character will travel across as if the routes are connected. Perspective landing – The character will fall down a hole and land on whatever appears beneath it. Perspective jump – The character will jump when if it walks over a jumping platform. One it begins its descent, it will land on whatever appears underneath it. Perspective absence - By hiding jumping platforms or holes, they cease to exist. Perspective existence – If a gap in a pathway is blocked, the character will walk over it as if the pathway is connected.
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Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer: SCE Studios Japan
Genre: Puzzle
ESRB: Everyone
Release: 2008-05-01
Wished: 0
PCN Rating: NR


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