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News - Enchanted Arms

Ubisoft Announces Enchanted Arms for PS3
Posted on January 11, 2007 by Steve Dixon

Ubisoft has announced that Enchanted Arms is being developed for the PlayStation 3 console and will be available this coming March.

The development studio behind this game is FromSoftware in and will be one of the first Japanese RPGs arriving on Sony’s next-generation console.

Enchanted Arms will include more than 50 hours of gameplay and is the only new-gen RPG which will include the brand new SpeedTactics Battle System, a fast-action battle system which will allow players to move characters as well as the enable the use of distant-dependent attacks while being in battle.

In Enchanted Arms you will take on the role of Atsuma who is an enchanter-in-training.  Players will transform from a student with little experience and turn into the powerful savior in a war of 1,000 years in the making. 

Ubisoft has released a list of key features for the game which include.   

Sixaxis Wireless Controller Integration: Use the motion-sensitive controller to harness weapons, recover your EX power meter, unlock more powerful attacks and solve puzzles.   Master the SpeedTactics Battle System: Easy-to-navigate interface, the ability to move characters in-battle and distance-dependent attacks combine to create fast-paced, hands-on gameplay.   More Than 500 Characters, Including 130 Unlockable Creatures You Control: Find and unlock 130 controllable creatures to use in battle as part of your team. Customise your party and learn to harness their unique abilities. Includes 30 all new creatures exclusive to the PlayStation 3 system.   Includes Both the Original Japanese and an All-New English Language Track: Choose to play the game with either Japanese or English dialogue.  More Than 50 Hours of Epic Gameplay: Delve deeper as you meet new characters and explore over 75 environments with multiple objectives and branching missions.   Includes More Than an Hour of Anime Cinematics and Video: Including ten minutes of all-new exclusive video.

With a scheduled release of March it should also make for a solid launch title when the PlayStation 3 launches in Europe in March as well.

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Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: FromSoftware
Genre: RPG
ESRB: Early Childhood
Release: 2008-04-03
Wished: 0
PCN Rating: NR


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