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News - Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Fusion

Marvel Signs with Gazillion to Produce new MMO Game
Posted on March 25, 2009 by Dustin S.

DC Universe is looking to be one of Sony’s top exclusives, let alone one of the most interesting MMO games coming out. Its an obvious move that Marvel is somewhere in their footsteps planning to do the same thing with their characters, but what ever happened? Marvel did sign a deal with Microsoft for exclusive rights to make an MMO game on the 360 which was to be developed by Cryptic Studios. That, however, was abandoned recently and is no longer being made.

Marvel is still at it though as they have signed another deal with Gazillion Entertainment. The deal gives Gazillion exclusive rights to Marvel characters for the next 10 years to develop MMO games. Gazzillion is very experienced in this field as they have gathered employees from Apple, Blizzard Entertainment, Microsoft Game Studios, and Pixar Animation to help develop the Marvel game. They have also recently signed a deal with Lego as well. The game is being developed for both PC and consoles.

The bad news is the game will be targeted at younger audiences and not the MMO fans that normally play World of Warcraft. They want to hit a broader audience and offer a new and unique experience while still offering the MMO style of gameplay. Sounds a lot like Sony Online Entertainment talking about DC Universe in my opinion.

 The MMO genre made an astonishing 5.8 Billion dollars in 2008 and is expected to hit 12 billion by 2013. That’s good news as the Marvel game is due out in 2010, along with Sony’s own DC Universe later this year.


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